WVAS Meeting Postponed


Dear WVAS Members,

The conditions that we set for POSTPONING the meeting have been met. On Thursday, Gov. Justice issued a state employee travel ban and urged agencies and groups to not hold large meetings or gatherings. We are following this directive.

The good news is the meeting is merely POSTPONED until Monday May, 18th, 2020. The meeting will still be held at Fairmont University. If you are an Institutional Representative, please send this to your institution as well to ensure that any students on break get the message.

I would like note the the Fairmont WVAS 95th Annual Meeting team has been working hard to make this a great conference.

If travel bans are still in effect on May 18th the (2nd) contingency is that the meeting will be moved to August 22nd . We are not there yet; if we get there we will make announcements.

Please plan on attending the meeting on Monday May 18th , 2020 and also tentatively block out August 22nd on your calendars.